Remember Your Dream


What do you live for? We all have a dream. It could be a desire to lose weight, or to learn a new language, or maybe even change the world. The sad reality is there are times in all our lives that we lose sight of our dreams. This is through no fault of our own. The days start to slip by and then become months then years, and by then we somehow have convinced ourselves that “oh well, I guess this is how it is meant to be.”

We all incur disappointments and setbacks, it is the expense of living. Pain is a part of life. It will be with you for every step of the way. But don’t let it limit you or break you, thrive it, it is another chance to grow.  It is easy to get discouraged, even bitter about life and how things have eventuated.  I will personally admit that I’ve had the thought of “why is this happening to me?” I always thought that I was destined for greatness, to live a life that others marveled at or wanted. However, through some deep discovery and coaching I have realized that I was only wanting these things, like fame and fortune to impress others.

In this day and age we are all performing for other people through social-media and the internet, trying to create another version of ourselves that displays our best qualities and who we ourselves even longingly wish to be. It is hard enough to live one life let alone maintain some virtual persona we have created for ourselves. What I’m trying to say is that you need to have dreams that are inline with your values. I want to help people. However, I don’t need this to be accepted or reassured by a mass group of complete strangers on Facebook or Instagram to validate it as a worthy dream. I want to do so because in doing so I am ultimately having a small, maybe even large effect on somebody’s life for the better, and that in turn helps me to realise one of my dreams. I feel good about it, that’s all there is too it.

Now you may have had a dream that you have tried to realise once before but have failed. Dreams aren’t easily attainable, that is why they are dreams not just common thoughts. It doesn’t matter what stage of your life you’re in, adolescents or well into adulthood. Dreams can be achieved at any stage in life, there is no expiration date. So remember your dream, it could be something from last week or decades ago, it still has merit. It still is apart of you and your soul and very being


2 thoughts on “Remember Your Dream

  1. Great piece! Just curious are you a millennial? I’m doing research on millennials and millennials have these traits mentioned in your writing. We are all believe we are destined for greatness and always need constant feedback, this is partly due to the era we grew up in.


    • Thankyou! I am a a millennial and based the piece off what I’ve noticed about myself but also my peers. That’s a good research topic. Exactly, through no fault of their own parents have constantly sheltered their kids from criticism and hardship, the word “good” has been replaced with “great” as in “great work”. And because of all this we believe we are special and once we get to university it can come as a shock that we aren’t the great academics or athletes we thought we were, we then in turn question our identity and who we thought we were.


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