The Mind is a Great Storyteller


“We think we know you.” This is a sentiment that I have come accross recently and it really struck a chord with me. The idea of it is, there are always going to bystanders, spectators, or various people who think they genreally know who you are as a person. They feel that you should act in accordance with how they conduct themselves. And if you dare stray against the status quo you become ostracised.

Remember though, if someone doesn’t want to associate with you because you may act a certain way, then they are of no value to you in the first place. Those who try to succeed and inevitably do succeeded are going to be chastised for it by their “peers”. Why? It is just how the world works unfortunately. People may think that you are too good for them. Tall poppy syndrome in a nutshell. In all honesty you probably are. People who are hung up on perceptions of how people should act or shouldn’t act are people with closed minds. They believe everything should be in black and white. These people weigh you down, and unfortunately they can get to you. I’ve been called everything under-the-sun and at times you do let it seep into your head.

However, I have found that once you get caught up in rumination or indulging in such thoughts then you are limiting yourself just like the people who have labeled you have limited their entire lives. You begin overthinking how you should act, speak, and whether what you said came accross as okay. If you are this kind of person then I can already tell you’re emotionally intelligent and kind. You will know the difference between right and wrong.

Therefore, don’t ever feel like you need to sensor yourself – sure we all say things we regret but the majority of the time it is our mind fabricating stories and giving them a catastrophic twist. My biggest wish is to be able too say something and not care what other people think about it. Thus, living in the present moment and not facilitating to people’s needs and desires.

The amount of times I’ve been stuck in my head agonising over what someone has said or how I’ve interpreted a particular social interaction to have gone, is debilitating. I become stuck. i’m viewing events from yesterday, therefore my eyes aren’t seeing today. I’m not living if i’m constantly overthinking the what if’s? Just let life play out. These people that think they know who you are or what is best for you arent worth a second thought. And I’ll put you at ease a bit, the majority of our thoughts are all hypotheticals, that means they will not become reality and are just words in the wind. So let them go.

The mind is a great storyteller. At times it even discouraged me from pursuing the things I loved to do for fear of judgment. That’s when the negative thoughts got louder and would burden me like a well worn coat. I eventually became my shadow. Then I had an epiphany. When I would write or read or play music the thoughts began to pass, they were nothing more then words- whose power would be diminished when I lived by my heart, and did things in accordance with my bliss. Not in correlation with what others wanted me to do. Finally, I had control back of my life, I was in control of my destiny and it was liberating. I could look outside the window and see a view of endless possibilities.

In summation, there are always going to be people who disagree with who you are and what you do, and I pity them. They’re so involved with my life that they aren’t leading a life of their own. Life is fleeting, so don’t be trapped by dogma. You can’t fool the man in the mirror. So go out and do something that falls in line with your bliss. Life is hard – therefore, why should we make it any harder for ourselves by being anyone that we aren’t already destined to be.


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