Why we shouldn’t try to tame our Emotions

Have you ever though to yourself “I wish I didn’t feel as much?” Or “I wish I wasn’t so sensitive?”

Countless people have the misunderstandings that feelings are something that need to be controlled, you need to keep them in check. I thought this way too. When you are hypersensitive everything is felt to highest magnitude, pain is great and sadness is all consuming. It can be arduous trying to get through a day whilst there is a battle raging on inside. But it needn’t be a battle. The thing is, those who feel are truly the lucky ones. We get to live our lives to the fullest, experiencing every emotion across the spectrum and thus immersing ourselves in experiences and undertakings. We are able to communicate our problems and identify our emotions for what they are, dynamic bi-products of living a life worth living. Crying is good and so is laughter, both are necessities that need to be indulged in and not contorted or limited. We understand the inner-workings of our mind and can see what we truly want out of life. We can read people well and see people for who they are.

The tragedy is that this unique part of us is often thought of as a negative. We’re always acting in front of people that are supposedly important to us. Trying to be liked is the biggest infliction that plagues mankind. Don’t do that. Be you. There is no need to put on a front to try and align yourself with societies expectations. Stop limiting your growth and be who you want to be, rearrange the agenda, the spectrum or whatever you want to call it. When you look back on life you want to be able to say to yourself that you lived by your heart and didn’t have to compromise yourself for anyone. Don’t get me wrong change is a good thing, but it has to be inline with our values and our beliefs.


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