The Start of Ones Journey

We all reach a stage in our life when we realise that we want to start living. Leading a worthwhile life one with purpose and inspiration. And to do this change is inevitably required. This can be a daunting prospect, to let go of what we consider comfortable and begin to affiliate ourselves with the uncomfortable. Fear may arise and thus limit us into doing what we have always already done. We wait for a perfect day, a prefect chance, a perfect opportunity to begin travelling on the road less journeyed.

Unfortunately, the time for change is usually the time when we ourselves are facing our strongest adversities. They can be exterior elements, such as jobs and people. Or they can be things resided behind our eyes: the negative thoughts, the doubts, the self-reasoning that we are not good enough, strong enough, smart enough etc. And to tell you the truth I got sick of having a mind wired to the negative. I realised I am just as deserving and capable of leading a life I want to lead as anyone else. Greatness, or experience aren’t limited to a select few of lucky people. Getting the most out of life isn’t some esoteric or ordained concept. We are who we choose to be. Therefore, in turn we can realise our dreams.

Our biggest critic is ourselves. This may not be a revelation, but if you think about it, would you talk to someone the same way you talk to yourself? Probably not. We are so critical and harsh of our performances and perceived perceptions by other that we lose sight of loving who we are. We act one way and believe the next. Be you. Be your biggest fan. This is when I realised that if I didn’t change the way I thought, or how I processed various thoughts, then I would be stuck with regrets. Sure I may convince myself that what I am doing is right, or is what I love. However, deep down I would always know that I wasn’t being honest with myself. This is a heartbreaking thing to realise. You’re are stuck with yourself forever so why try and deceive  yourself, or escape, or run from thoughts and ideas that actually give your life meaning but may instil fear in you at the same time. It’s hard changing your life, it truly is. However, what comes of it are rewards you could never imagine. You do become stronger, wiser, and whole. Yet the greatest reward is that you begin to realise that there was nothing wrong with you all along, you just had to give yourself a chance.

I’ve failed so many times I gave up counting, each day I make a mistake, but each day I learn a lesson. And at least I tried. I don’t think I could love myself or show up if I didn’t at least try. Everyone fails, it is the most beautiful thing in life. The lessons taught from failure are unprecedented – it can teach us more than any other lesson ever could. I’ll fail today and I’ll fail tomorrow and I don’t care, because the more I fail the closer I am to realising my dreams.

So write a poem, draw a picture, go for a run, these aren’t Nobel Prize worthy endeavours but some day they may lead to one. Like I also aforementioned in my previous post, you don’t have to do it alone. Communicate and share your experiences with like minded people. Let go of those (excuse my language) that are against reaching for the stars, who are happy to be doing the same shit year in year out. Talking themselves up to people who aren’t worth impressing. I care what you are trying to do no matter how small or big that task may be. I give a damn about people who are trying to grow or inspire others, they are the heartbeat of life itself, and it fills me with so much motivation and drive knowing that they exist. Find these people – they are there and they will show up if they are meant to. How could they not? So take that first step, your life awaits…


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